Mission and vision

Mission and vision

The Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature is founded with a mission to:

  • study, research, preserve and promote the Montenegrin language, literature, culture and identity;
  • provide conditions for the education of students in the field of Montenegrin language and literature;
  • to provide opportunities for student mobility through cooperation with foreign institutions of similar profile in order to exchange and improve knowledge and skills;
  • strive to continuously monitor and improve the quality of national study programs, teaching and research processes and all other standards in the field of higher education and science;
  • develop publishing activity in the field of literary, linguistic and cultural Montenegrin studies and thus contribute to the quality of the offer of teaching and educational materials.
  • as a socially responsible entity, be actively involved in the life and work of the local community.

The Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature vision

The FMLL strives to achieve international recognition through the results of its academic staff and the joint work of the whole institution, and last but not least, to contribute to the positioning of the Montenegrin language in the family of European languages, and to retain its role as the most important factor in promoting and preserving Montenegrin identity.
By promoting the highest standards in education and science, the Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature strives to be the most important, visible and recognizable higher education and research institution in the field of philological and cultural Montenegrin studies that brings innovations and changes in the humanities and promotes science at the national and international level, as well as to create professional staff and increase the employability of its students in accordance with the required competencies and qualifications of the labor market.

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