Cetinje Forum
Cetinje Philological Symposium

Cetinje forum

The Cetinje Forum unfolds annually under the auspices of the Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature and the Montenegrin PEN Center, serving as a unique platform for fostering dialogue among regional intellectuals, civic activists, politicians, and journalists. The forum aims to facilitate enhanced connectivity and exchange of ideas by delving into pressing social, cultural, educational, and strategic issues concerning Montenegro and the Western Balkans region.

Cetinje Philological Symposium

The International Scientific Conference 'Cetinje Philological Symposium' is held biennially at the Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature since 2017. Established to convene distinguished Montenegrin and foreign scholars and experts, it has covered a wide range of topics in linguistics, Montenegrin literature, and cultural studies, as well as South Slavic and Slavic studies as a whole, through papers and discussions. Embracing both contemporary and historical perspectives, the approach to philological topics encourages interdisciplinary research. Given that Montenegrin studies is a relatively young branch of Slavic studies in terms of formal establishment, the organizers' concept of 'Cetinje Philological Days' is rooted in fostering collaboration with foreign colleagues and institutions, and in promoting achievements across all disciplines of Montenegrin studies. Following the conference, a collection of papers is published. The quality of the published works is validated through prior anonymous evaluation by an international panel of reviewers. The publication process of the proceedings is overseen by an international editorial board. An integral part of the regular program of 'Cetinje Philological Days' conference is the awarding of the Charter of the Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature for outstanding contributions to Montenegrin studies.
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