Summer school

Summer school of Montenegrin Language

From July 16th to August 12th, Faculty for Montenegrin Language is organizing the Summer School of Montenegrin Language and Culture. Tailored for those aged 18 and above, eager to immerse themselves in the essence of Montenegrin language and uncover the treasures of its culture, this experience promises an unforgettable journey. Delving into 60 hours of Montenegrin language mastery and 30 hours devoted to the exploration of Montenegrin culture and history, each 45-minute session will be a delightful odyssey of discovery.


As part of the summer school, field trips will be organized: we will visit parts of the Montenegrin coast, Lovćen, Lake Skadar, Boka Kotorska, Stari Bar, Žabljak, and explore the capital city of Montenegro and its surroundings.


Classes will take place at the premises of the Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature in Cetinje (Baja Pivljanina 134) four days a week from 9 AM to 1 PM (with a 30-minute break), while the fifth day is reserved for visits to selected Montenegrin landmarks, which will also have an educational aspect.


This schedule allows participants to enjoy a well-deserved break and explore the beauty of Montenegro during their free weekend.


Before the start of the Summer School, participants will take a placement test to determine their proficiency level, which will then determine their placement into one of three offered levels: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The placement test consists of a written and oral component. The written part will be conducted online, with the link being sent to registered participants by the end of June 2024. The oral component of the test will be conducted virtually at the beginning of July, and the exact timing will be arranged individually with each participant.


The classes will be conducted by professors from the Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature who are licensed to work with adults and have experience in teaching Montenegrin as a foreign language. The instruction is delivered in Montenegrin (and English at the A level).

  • Price: 840€
  • The Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature offers an academic program. The price includes Montenegrin language and culture classes, textbooks, and excursions.
  • Upon receiving confirmation of successful registration, a non-refundable deposit of 100 euros is required to be paid.
  • The maximum number of participants per group is 12.
  • Upon completion of the Summer School, participants will receive a certificate of program attendance. Participants who pass the final exam will receive a certificate indicating the number of language hours completed in the program and their achieved language level.
  • Applications must be submitted no later than June 20, 2024
  • The application is considered valid, and a place in the school is secured when a confirmation of successful registration is received, along with a confirmation of payment of the deposit of 100 euros sent to the school's email address.
  • Send applications and any inquiries about the Summer School of Montenegrin Language to the address
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